Anti-money laundering is a guiding force for financial services companies. Know Your Customer (KYC) is an integral part of AML regulations and helps financial institutions weed out customers who commit financial crimes, including terrorist financing, human trafficking and the drug trade. While these efforts are necessary, they apply constant stress to your company.

Several government organizations create and maintain these regulations, including the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, which examines financial institutions to make certain they are compliant with anti-money laundering regulations. To achieve this compliant status, financial service providers must build and maintain effective KYC processes of their own.

Invite clients to start the flow or embed a KYC Onboarding portal to your website

Ready to launch your workflow, you can do this with a few clicks.

You can send an invite via email, or embed a Ondato KYC onboarding portal in your website.

Clients will be redirected to a secure interface where they can securely complete their KYC onboarding.

  • Track the KYC onboarding process — you can check on the status of every opened KYC onboarding request..
  • Store data in a secure, GDPR-compliant client portal — every piece of document you collect is handled by a secure & customizable client portal with the highest level of encryption (in line with EU’s customer data protection policies).
  • Manage all documents in one place & on-the-go — you don’t have to be in front of your computer to request changes, accept submitted documentation, or request changes. you handle all this from your phone so that you can quickly respond and provide a seamless KYC onboarding experience.
  • Easily & safely connect with other tools — our integrations allow you to connect your custom client portal with other tools that you’re using. Share KYC supporting documents and KYC forms with your colleagues, send them to your CRM, or share them with your data verification provider without wasting precious time.