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Pigeons Are Beautiful, so Start Photographing Them

Don’t increase your photography pricing using an arbitrary amount. You can’t say you’re adding $100 to your fees without a good reason. One issue that many photography businesses have is caused by having set increases. In other words, they always add a certain amount without figuring out how much they truly need. They should always reflect your level of expertise and quality of work.

Reflections are one of the best ways to create impressionist photography – and if you look carefully, you’ll see they are everywhere. Imagine briefly observing a scene and then turning away before your eyes can fully comprehend the details. What remains is a vague memory of colors and forms, a distilled essence of the original scene – and that is what impressionist photography is all about. In impressionist and abstract photography, the focus is on eliciting emotion through the interplay of texture, form, and color.

Births, graduations, weddings, first steps—these are all moments that should be documented for family history. And a lot of the big moments aren’t times when you’d hire a professional photographer.

How to take wildlife photos like a pro

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Along those lines, photography can give you a different look at the world. You never know when you’ll be right in the middle of a world changing event, and your camera will create the record for generations to come.